We Have A Wide Range Of Products

Such as fluidization drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, conductive drying equipment and other innovative production lines (production line, spray dryer, granulator, fluidized bed dryer, airflow dryer, vacuum dryer, conductive hot air dryer, drying box (cabinet dryer), mixer, grinder, screen (screen) pharmaceutical elevator, evaporator, auxiliary machine).

We Have A Wide Range Of Products

Technological innovation is the

driving force of enterprise development.

Tayacn adheres to innovative development, maintains close cooperation with professional institutions and universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, committed to building a benchmark enterprise in the drying industry.



Jiangsu TAYACN Drying Technology Co., Ltd. is a platform enterprise with ecological openness, coordination and interaction. Over the past 30 years, the extensive customer application has led to nearly 10000 users in Jiangsu TAYACN, which has achieved Jiangsu TAYACN’s advantageous technology…

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  • Seagarden Increases Demand With Additional GEA Spray Dryer and Software Solution

    Seagarden, a major Norwegian producer of fish-based collagen-peptide products, has recently placed an order for another GEA FSD Spray Dryer due to increased demand. The company is well known for its excellent quality standards and high level of customer service. In addition to the spray dryer, S...

  • What do I need to pay attention to in the operation of vacuum dryer

    Vacuum dryer has fast drying speed, high efficiency, and will not cause damage to the nutrients of the product. It is mainly designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, and it can also be filled with inert gas to the interior, es...

  • Application of chromium nitrate screw belt vacuum dryer

    Chromium nitrate is dark purple orthorhombic monoclinic crystals, often used in glass manufacturing, chromium catalyst, printing and dyeing, etc.. It is obtained by the complex decomposition reaction of chromium trioxide and nitric acid by adding sucrose, and the product...